Meditation in Nature Moon Over Willow

Peace, Purpose, Planet

Moon Over Willow offers a pathway to living the change we need to see in the world.

Here you will find peace and purpose as an ambassador for the planet through a unique combination of creativity, mindfulness and kinship with nature.

Moon Over Willow Meditation and protect the planet
You are a gossamer thread in the warp and weft of the world.
To experience this fully is the key to your quest for happiness, for fulfillment, for belonging

Creative Kinship with the Living World

Do you long for a sense of peace and connection?
Do you wish you could make a difference in the world?
Then come home to yourself here at Moon over Willow

  • Forge a profound connection to the earth
  • Build a lasting and effective creative mindfulness practice
  • Inspire and enable confident communication on climate change

Living the Change

Through meditation, creativity and a deepening of your kinship with every living thing, Moon over Willow is your friend on this road.

courses and workshops

Dive in to the smorgasbord of courses available from an in-depth shake up of your values and daily habits, to a gentle weekend of nature based art.

climate change course france
nature based art course france

living sustainably

Switch up your habits for a more sustainable lifestyle. We show you simple steps you can
take and offer a range of resources to give you a headstart.

lets talk about
climate change

One of the most important things we can do is to get talking
about the Climate Crisis. Join our free community, hop on to
the monthly zoom, dive into the resources we offer.

nature retreats france
Meditate in Nature France

with nature

It takes 21 days to form a habit, and at the end of this course, you will have a daily
practice that keeps you anchored in the embrace of the planet.

the willow membership

Available to alumni of either the retreat or the Live the Change online course. This is a six month membership to support and guide you as you deepen your practices and grow in confidence.

living world retreat france
living world retreat france

mindfulness, mandalas
and meditation

All my courses and retreats centre on these three pillars. It’s a creative pathway to feeling
more centred and calm and being able to have those conversations with confidence.

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