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Dive in to the smorgasbord of courses available from an in-depth shake up of your values and daily habits,
to a gentle weekend of nature based art.

meditating with nature

Start a meditation practice or go deeper with your existing one with this three week online course. It takes 21 days to form a habit, and at the end of this course, you will have a daily practice that keeps you anchored in the embrace of the planet. In fifteen minutes a day, you will learn to use the natural world as the key to a profound mindfulness practice.

With daily journaling prompts and guided visualisations, you will discover a way of being that is calm, peaceful and brings you joy.

You can sign up for the meditation course for just 21€. The course is hosted on the Heartbeat platform, where you will find a community of other meditators to hang out with.

wild art weekends

In person workshops in creative practices that use natural materials. Each weekend is designed to teach you a creative skill while deepening your connection with nature. Spread throughout the year, you can pick one or do them all!

Wild ink Go foraging for leaves, bark or berries and then make your own inks.

Wild paper Gather plants and use their fibres to make hand made paper.

Wild copper Decorate a tiny copper bowl with natural textures from plants you have foraged.

Wild basket Weave a tiny basket from the stalks of plants such as dandelion or stinging nettle.

Wild silver Make pure silver jewellery using natural materials for texture and design.

The schedule for 2024 will be announced soon. Sign up to the newsletter to the first to know when dates are released.

the moon over willow retreat

An exclusive retreat in the wild.
Join a small group of fellow Willowers to experience a profound connection with the living world.
Set in a hidden location in the hills of the South of France, you will stay in teepee surrounded by trees and nature.
Daily activities weave the principles of Wild Art with the transformation of the Live the Change training.

We will go foraging for wild food, watch the stars by firelight, follow guided meditations amongst the trees, make art with wild materials.
The site has been lovingly designed to offer maximum immersion in the living world while still retaining comforts such as a warm bed and delicious food. 

Each participant is encouraged to spend time alone in the stunning setting, listening to the voices of the trees, the birds, the insects, and the earth itself. In our daily chats, we will open our hearts and share our love for the planet. You will gather the confidence and courage to take the conversation around climate change out into the world.

You will leave with a heart full to bursting, a head brimming with ideas and the knowledge that you can make a difference.

This retreat is limited to 8 participants. The next date is May 22 – 27 2024

live the change you want to see in the world

A six week online course that takes you from feeling anxious and helpless to being calm, confident and purposeful as an ambassador for the planet. Over the six weeks, you will gain clarity on what matters most in your life. You will learn the steps to take to align your daily life with your deepest values and beliefs. And, most importantly, you will have your own blueprint for a life that places equal value on you and the planet. You will learn easy creative and mindfulness skills so you can build a lasting and effective daily practice. By the end of the course, you will feel inspired and confident in amplifying the vital conversation around the climate crisis.
The next course will launch in September. Sign up to the newsletter to be the first to know.

the willow membership

Available to anyone who has completed either the retreat or the Live the Change online course. This is a six month membership to support and guide you as you deepen your practices and grow in confidence. The membership will open its doors in September 2024.

the free community

Join me in the Moon over Willow free Facebook group for regular chats and ideas. 

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