Here are just three of the inspiring news stories that came out in December this year.

In the States, renewable energy is set to exceed coal for the first time. Statistics from the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), show that in 2022, in excess of 20% of all electricity in the States will be generated by hydropower, wind and solar – a figure that is way higher than nuclear and coal.
In 2020, the US saw a drop in energy consumption because of the Covid pandemic and since 2019, solar and wind power have grown by 58 per cent.

Plants teach their offspring how to adapt to climate change
We have known for a few years now about the ground breaking research of people like Suzanne Simard and Monica Gagliano, who demonstrate that both trees and plants are capable of communication and learning. Now research is demonstrating that plants can teach the next generation how to adapt to climate change. The journal Trends in Plant Science recently published an article discussing the groundbreaking findings of how parent plants can pass on ‘memories’ of
how to survive changing climatic conditions. Plants can adapt by changing their epigenetic structures. Unlike a change in the genetic structure, changes to the epigenetics have no affect on the fundamental DNA programming.

France bans short haul domestic flights in favour of train travel
France is leading the way in greener travel. The government’s 2021 Climate Law encompasses a commitment to reducing CO2 emissions. It has passed a law banning
short haul domestic flights. Any journey that can be made by train in under two and a half hours can no longer be done by air.
France has a state of the art rail system, with reasonably priced fares and many high speed routes. Trains are reliable and frequent, which makes train travel a feasible replacement for damaging domestic flights.
This new legislation was first advocated by the Citizen’s Convention on Climate – a group of civilians who have been working on ideas and proposals for reducing carbon emissions. Now, the European Commission has approved the law which will come into force at the end of the year.

Vive le train!

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