Peace, Purpose, Planet

Moon Over Willow offers a unique combination of creativity, mindfulness and kinship with nature, helping you find peace and purpose as an ambassador for the planet.

Peace, Purpose, Planet

We are each a gossamer thread in the warp and weft of the world. 

To experience this fully is the key to our quest for happiness, for fulfilment, for belonging.

If you long for a sense of peace and connection; if you wish you could make a difference in the world, come home to yourself here at Moon over Willow.

Through meditation, creativity and a deepening of your kinship with every living thing, Moon over Willow is your friend on this road.

You are capable and fierce. It is time to root into your purpose and shine your beautiful light for the planet.

Become a Willower

Here’s what you can do:

Join the community

The Moon over Willow community is a free space for folk to talk, share ideas and support one another. If you are feeling frazzled about Climate Breakdown, or just want to know there are others out there who feel the same way as you, then come on in and have a seat. With a free zoom call every month and discussion prompts in the private community area, you’ll soon find you are among kindred souls.

Embrace your place in nature

Nature is a powerful teacher. There is so much we can learn from the life teeming around us. And deepening our connection with the living world brings us a sense of belonging and profound peace. Moon over Willow shows you how to forge a profound relationship with your environment, wherever that might be. From the wilds of untouched moorlands to the dense urban landscape of a city, you can find your way back to the centre of the natural world that is your birthright.

Do something creative

You don’t have to be the next Picasso to find your voice in art or craft. Moon over Willow offers a variety of activities that help you build a creative practice. Art that uses natural materials and is designed to bring you into creative connection with the earth. We offer a range of courses from working with real silver and elements from nature, creating natural inks and pigments, to weaving with foraged fibres.

Pursue your purpose

The Moon over Willow signature membership programme is designed to guide you along the path to discovering who you are and what really matters in your life. Every month, you receive a package of virtual goodies to help you uncover your soul’s purpose and more. Designed to be ongoing, you can stay for a month, a year or forever – it’s up to you.


Meditation is a powerful technique that brings you peace and clarity. Used in combination with creative activities and mindful time in nature, meditation will bring you a profound sense of connection to the rest of the living world. It will also support you, both mentally and emotionally, as you navigate the future. Moon over Willow offers a library of free guided meditations and an introduction to get you started.

Come on a retreat

Once a year, we run the Moon over Willow retreat in the wilds of the countryside. Spend a luscious week in the arms of nature, sharing your thoughts and ideas with like minded souls. Replenish your thirst for creative activity and rootle amongst the trees for inspiration and love. Swim in the wild water of the lake and forage for your supper. You will leave with a profound sense of peace, purpose and belonging.

Join our free community!